Examining the Relationship between Organizational Trust, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Job Satisfaction (Case study of Customs Department)

Masoud Pourkeiani, Maryam Tanabandeh


The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between organizational trusts, organizational citizenship behavior and job satisfaction of employees. The populations in this study are employees of the Customs Department. Sampling method of this study is simple random sampling using Cochran formula and sample size is equal to 182 people. Researcher to collect data used questionnaire that included 44 questions. All questions for the whole are five-item Likert. Structural relations model, in this study, was used to analyze the data. To determine the validity and reliability of the questionnaire, content validity and Cronbach's alpha coefficient were obtained in order of job satisfaction. Specter (1997), 0.87, Organizational Trust Inventory Rother (2003), 0.86, and organizational citizenship behavior of Lee and Alan (2002) are equal to 0.89. For data analysis and hypothesis testing, was used lisrel statistical software was used. The results showed that there is a significant relationship between organizational trust, organizational citizenship behavior and job satisfaction.


Organizational trust, Organizational citizenship behavior and Job satisfaction.

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