Participation Configuration of Who Deserves To Be a Millionaire

Adetunji I. Ojora


Studies on participation configuration and spacial categorisations have taken different aspects such as TV shows, interviews, talk shows, presidential media chats, virtual game setting, social academic background etc. but hardly has any been devoted to a reality Nigerian TV game show in an attempt to show how the host, audience (station and studio) are categorised based on their participatory roles. This research therefore attempts on analysis of the participation configuration of who deserves to be a millionaire show using Goffman’s participation framework and Sacks, Schegloff and Jefferson’s Conversation Analysis as its theoretical framework. For data, 3 editions of MTN who deserves to be a millionaire TV game show were studied and excerpts were extracted and scrutinized for participation forms and spacial descriptions. Owing to the beautifully complex participation structure of the game show, two types of unaddressed ratified hearers were identified- registered and unregistered. The registered unaddressed ratified hearers are the station audience who are within the participation space while the unregistered unaddressed ratified hearers are the studio audience. This study of participation orientation in who deserves to be a millionaire expands the Goffmanian categorisation of participants in interaction and it is also an improvement on the existing literature on Nigerian genre of game shows.


participants, game show, ratified, participation, configuration.

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