La Marginalisation de la Femme Maghrebine à la Lumière de Les Yeux Baisses De Tahar Ben Jelloun Et D’ombre Sultane D’Assia Djebar

Roseline Adebimpe Adewuyi


Many women in all societies of the world suffer as victims of tradition and patriarchal powers. This work, which attempted to analyze the marginalization of the Maghreb woman, examined the pathetic fate of the fairer sex of the area, under the yoke of their silence and discussed the points of convergence and divergences in Tahar's Lowered Eyes Ben Jelloun and Shadow Sultana by Assia Djebar. This study is framed by feminism and the sociology of the Maghreb world. A critical study of the chosen works has been carried out. An inventory of structures denouncing the oppression of the weaker sex was drawn up for our analysis. Our work is based on religious and socio-political beliefs bearing on the central theme, namely the confinement of women which makes them perpetually in a state of dependence. On this, we have seen the denunciation of these retrograde powers as well as the proposal of our authors with regard to the freedom of women. This study revealed that our two writers questioned the deplorable fate of women, the degrading state of their country as well as the awareness of the people to put an end to these powers which enslave the fatherland. We concluded by arguing that education plays a major role in the liberation of the masses. Of course, literature and the power of language have been established as viable tools to highlight the messages and worldviews of authors who serve to expose the vices of our societies.


Marginalization, women, the Maghreb, partriaracat, confinement and shadow.

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