A comparative Study on Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Injustice Themes in Poems of Farokhi Yazdi and Those of Besharah al-Khouri

Abdollah Yazdani, Monireh Ravanbakhsh


Opposition to discrimination and injustice and expressing love to homeland are constant themes that apparently occur in contemporary nationalist poets. Farokhi Yazdi and Besharah Al Khouri are two contemporary poets who experienced the ordeal of living under constrictions by autocrat rulers, observing how their nations suffered from injustice and discrimination. This article uses descriptive-analytical method with focus on American Literary School which unlike French literary school does not care about influences and effects instead it matters the unity of the world literature. In doing so we look forward to ensuring that: A. anti-discrimination theme in the poems of both as a common ground are well focused B. anti-discrimination and anti-equity themes of both poets are well compared and their dissimilarities are unearthed. 


comparative study, Farokhi Yazdi, Besharah Al Khouri, anti-discrimination and anti-justice, similarities and dissimilarities.

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