A Critical Investigation into the Impact of Social Capital on Workforce Productivity (Case Study: Niksan Refrigerator Firm in Saveh, Iran) Study of Bankruptcy in Iran and International Business Law

Keyvan Jahangasht Javn


Today, the effect of foreign trade is questionable undevelopment or instability of countries economy; therefore being aware of the accepted principles of international trade law, particularly in the areas of bankruptcy and observing its rules is helpful. So happens that the main branch of the company that is bankrupted is located in another country. In Iran law, there is not significant text for fixing the problems caused by the international bankruptcy, and judicial procedures based on the general principles of private international law is not in a position to solve the problems. Here in order to get familiar with the solutions applicable in bankruptcy system, the theory and practice of legal scholars in other countries are discussed.


Bankruptcy, International, Business Law, Law.

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