Study of Relation between the Demographic Factors and Safety, Health and Environment in organization (Case Study: Zagros Oil Co.)

Shahrouz Ahmadi, Mahdi Bagheri


Nowadays organizations are trying to utilize the most effective and efficient safety, health and environment system. The first step the organizations should take to achieve this goal is to improving their staffs’ awareness and the level of safety, health and environment in organizations. In this respect, developing and enriching culture of respect for the issues relating to threefold aspects of HSE seem to be of great importance. The main objective of the present study is to investigate relation between the demographic factors and safety, health and environmental aspects in organizations. This study is an applied research according to its objectives and its methodology is descriptive-survey, and bibliographical-field method was used to gather data. Statistical universe is 94 top, middle and operational managers working in all sections of central office of Zagros Oil Company located in Shiraz City of Iran. The results showed that the significance level of the studied indexes (level of education, job experiences, gender, and job status) are lower than 0.05, meaning that there is not any difference between the individual characteristics of the respondents. Furthermore, a significant relation was observed between the demographic factors and aspects of HSE.


safety, health, environment, HSE.

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