Investigating the Relationship between Demographic Factors and the Factors Affecting the Attitude towards Text Message Advertising (Case study: MCI Mobile Subscribers in Sanandaj City)

Bahare Boobanian, Mansour Irandoost, Adel Salavati


This study investigates the relationship between the demographic factors and the factors affecting the attitude towards text message advertising. The research population in this study consisted of all mobile subscribers in Sannadaj city, including 1140000 subscribers till 2015 according to Telecommunication administration report. 400 questionnaires were distributed according to the Cochran formula by random sampling. The study is an applied research in terms of objectives and is descriptive, based on correlation analysis, in terms of methodology. Also, data are collected based on a survey through questionnaires. The results showed that there is no significant difference between the attitudes towards advertising based on demographic variables and responses and views of respondents on the basis of age and gender in terms of exciting, informative, annoying and credibility. Furthermore, there is a significant difference among groups of respondents with different levels of education in terms of exciting, informative, annoying and credibility towards advertising.


Mobile phones, MCI, Attitude, Text message, Purchase.

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