Preposition as a non-lexical class in standard Yorùbá

Folúkë BõláÂlé Adékëyè


Until recently, the preposition seems to have been firmly established as one of the lexical classes in Yorùbá (Crowther1852, Ògúnbôwálé 1970 Awóbùlúyì 1971, among others). This paper examines this claim by employing the Minimalist Programme as suggested by Radford (1999:38) that morpho-syntactic features must be the basis of establishing a lexical class. This we do by looking at the morphological structure and process of the items classified as preposition and their syntactic distribution in the language. It was found out that preposition does not take part in the derivational morphology system in the Yorùbá language neither does it have a position of occurrence as noun and verb do in the language. The paper therefore concludes that preposition is not a lexical class in the standard Yorùbá but it is part of the functional support for the noun in the language.


Preposition, Lexical, Class, Standard, Yoruba.

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