L’amour de l’autre dans La Chartreuse de Parme de Stendhal

Ari Mohammed Abdulrahman


Love had been a major concern in Stendhal’s life. He loved a number of beautiful women among whom Méthilde could consume him for a number of years and made him suffer the most. Stendhal could express his love experiences, suffering, jealousy, happiness and sadness in his writings. Protagonists and characters in the Charterhouse of Parma were all captivated by beauty which was regarded as the most essential element leading to love. Love of the other, mostly a love between two sexes, had physical beauty as a source. Fabrice, the main protagonist of the novel, and other protagonists were all in search of love. Love of the other goes sometimes beyond a mere physical pleasure once the true love finds its way to the hearts of the lovers. Though most characters show their superficiality of love by considering it as merely physical, Fabrice, unlike other shallow characters, could find his true love and tried by all means to realize and keep it but this love caused the eventual death of those he loved the most. Parental love can be felt within the search of loving the other sex and this parental love reflects Stendhal’s need of his parents’ love. Fabrice, along his search of love, was in quest of a parental love and protection but, just like his failure in finding happiness through loving the other sex, he was unsuccessful in finding a parental love and even he could not be a loving father for his son.


Love, Passion, Beauty, Parent, Physical.

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