A Study of Women's Portrayal in Contemporary Iranian Cinema Based On Social Structure

Mana Tabatabai Rad


This paper aims to study women's portrayal in contemporary Iranian cinema based on social structure. This study focuses upon two films as case studies in terms of their text. The names of the Iranian films are: Sag Koshi by Bahram Beyzai, and Do Zan by Tahmineh Milani in the 2000s. With used narrative method for analyzing the selected films. In conclusion one found out that both films represent the present realities of the women in Iranian society. They critique gender hierarchies and patriarchal ideologies (structure) in narrative cinema. These films portray women both as victimized and as empowered.


Women, Iranian Films, Sag Koshi, Killing Rabid Dogs, Do Zan, Two Women, Cinema, social structure.

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