A study of Department Chairs’ Leadership Styles and their Relationship with Role Conflict and Overload at University of Tabriz

Farough Amin Mozaffari, Mohammad Abbaszadeh, Javad Yoosefi Lebni


Department management can be considered the most important structure in higher education. They play a crucial role in every aspect of department activities. Their actions can fulfill goals that are beyond individual goals. This study is a survey. A questionnaire is used as the data collection tool. The research population consists of all department chairs and teachers at University of Tabriz. The results showed that there is a significant relationship between department chairs’ leadership styles and their role conflict and overload. In addition, there is a significant difference between what department chairs think of their own leadership styles and what teachers think of department chair’s leadership styles. Finally, no significant difference was found between department chairs’ leadership styles and the importance they assign to their own five roles.



Department Chairs, faculties, Leadership styles, Role Conflict, Role Overload.

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