Studying the relationship between organizational memory and intellectual capital (studying item: Assaluyeh petrochemical)

Toraj Hassan Zadeh Samarin, Ali Reza Sahranavard


Intellectual capital is a property measuring the organization’s ability for making money. This kind of property has no visual or physical nature but an invisible one built through using properties related to human sources, organizational function and the relations outside the organization. All of these features can create value within the organization. Among them, organizations such as Assaluyeh petrochemical can recover their efficiency through creating, improving and developing these abstract worthy capitals. Therefore, the aim of this research is to evaluate the relationship between the intellectual capital and organizational memory in Assaluyeh petrochemical. The research method is descriptive and type of correlation. The statistical community of research is all employers of Assaluyeh petrochemical including 4650 people. The sampling method is simple random and the number of samples in the error of five percent is 355 people. The collecting data and information tools is standard questionnaire evaluating intellectual capital and organizational memory whose credit has been determined by Cronbach alpha which is respectively 76% and 93%. In this research, intellectual capital rate has been measured by three dimensions of human dimension, structural dimension and communicational dimension. Findings showed the positive and significant relation between three dimensions of intellectual capital and organizational memory.


intellectual capital, human dimension, structural dimension, communicational dimension, organizational memory and Assaluyeh petrochemical.

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