Role of Modern Technologies monitoring the import and export of articles in preventing the customs offenses

Saádat Salajeghe


Customs offenses are among the offenses which are incessantly increasing and the committers of this kind of offenses nowadays by making use of all the amenities such as information and communications technology turn to commit these significant crimes and leave destructive effects on society. Preventing the customs offenses by an optimal use of all the modern technologies which are compatible with universal standards is an inevitable issue. The role of modern technologies in the customs office reflects itself more transparently when we get aware that the aforesaid technologies in various executive sections of the customs office such as passengers’ inspection halls, exit doors, and the commercial and judicial warehouses and so forth are applicable and practically make the requirements of committing the customs offenses difficult. This essay tries to illustrate to some extent the role of modern technologies in preventing the customs offenses.


prevention, customs offenses, modern technologies, import and export of articles.

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