boxing, strategy, strategic planning, David model, BSC.

Majid Ramezanpoor, Rasool Nazari


The present qualitative and quantitative research aimed to develop Boxing Federation's strategic plan based on the combination model of David and new BSC. The population and sample are the same consisting of 30 strategists and Boxing Federation experts were chosen purposefully. The data collected using analysis of documents related to the strategic area, interview and questionnaire. SPSS software was applied for descriptive analysis and strategic matrix was used for inferential analysis. A total of six strengths, fifteen weaknesses, two opportunities and eight threats cases were identified. The results of the evaluation of internal factors and external factors matrix (IE) are placed in a position of maintaining and developing services leading to assignment and dissolution. This means that the scoping at sport sector should be development targeting and strategies should be more competitive and sometimes defensive. Generally, it can be acknowledged that the integrated strategies approach of the mentioned Federation is often competitive and defensive. Hence, it can be said that boxing federation needs serious consideration in strategic and operational levels including objectives, strategies and measures; therefore, the roadmap based on BSC in this strategic plan is proposed for implementation.


boxing, strategy, strategic planning, David model, BSC.

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