Review of the Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Trust, Job Satisfaction and Customer-Orientation (Case Study: Private Hospitals of the City Ahvaz)

Arezoo Jafari Deh Dezi, Fatemeh Mehrbani



Given today's changing and competitive conditions, service and industrial organizations require change and development in proportion with the advancement and development. The status of some of them is very special and sensitive such as hospitals due to the importance, variety and type of the services they provide and the population they cover and the importance of health care services and its impact of the health of the population. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a sensitive issue and has been the center of attention in the recent years and it is considered as the basic factor of the survival of any organization. Excellent organizations, as responding organizations, shall be committed to social responsibility and show it through their values in order to achieve clarity and to respond to their beneficiaries regarding their performance and they should make sure that these commitments are present in the entire organization. Given the mentioned issues, this research is attempting to review the issue of how corporate social responsibility affects organizational trust, job satisfaction and customer-orientation of the employees of private hospitals of the city Ahvaz? The statistical population of the research includes the employees of the private hospitals of the city Ahvaz. The sampling method of the present research was simple random sampling method and the estimated sample volume was equal to 326 employees. In this research, in order to analyze the data, the descriptive and inferential statistics have been used in the environment of SPSS(22.0) and LISREL(8.8) software. Given the results obtained from the data analysis, which confirms all of the research hypotheses, it can be said that social responsibility has a positive impact on the performance of the organization.


Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational Trust, Job Satisfaction, Customer-Orientation.

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