The study of the organizational intelligence role in predicting Sistan and Baluchestan Maskan Bank staff members’ citizenship behavior

Hamid Sistani, Amin Reza Kamalian


Nowadays, organizations make use of organizational intelligence to make the individuals more compatible with the environment. On the other hand, organizational intelligence is an experimental and scientific process which underscores the organization’s successes or failures. The objective of the present study is the elaboration of the effect that the organizational intelligence has on Sistan and Baluchestan Maskan Bank staff members’ citizenship behavior. The present study is an applied research according to its objective and it is a descriptive-survey study based on the data collection method. Two methods of library research and field study (Albrecht’s (2003) organizational intelligence questionnaire and the organizational citizenship questionnaire by Pudsakof (2000) were used according to the type of the information required for conducting the current study.  The questionnaires’ validity was confirmed by professors and the questionnaires’ reliability was also confirmed by taking advantage of Cronbach’s alpha method. The study population of the current study included all of Sistan and Baluchestan Maskan Bank staff members which reached the total number of 200 people. To determine an appropriate study sample volume there was made use of the Cochran’s formulae and Morgan’s table and according to the number of study population the total number of the study sample volume was equal to 130 individuals who were selected based on the simple randomized method and the questionnaires were administered to them. To study the variable changes in the organizational citizenship behavior and also for the prediction of the amount of the change in behavior variable there was dealt with the regression analysis and in doing so it was made use of SPSS software. The results of the study indicated that the organizational intelligence and its components were effective on the organizational citizenship behavior that means that with the increase in the organizational intelligence among the managers and the employees of the Maskan Bank citizenship behavior will also improve.


organizational intelligence, citizenship behavior, Maskan Bank.

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