The examination of the Effect of interior Satellite TV Channels on the Foreign Tourism Development

Ramin Rahbar, Mohammad Rahmani


The applied research is a way in which researcher uses a method and message to investigate its study.   In this observational study, researcher interviewed 33 tourists coming to Hamadan which statistically was the figure at the time study; and the volume and sample was chosen simply and randomly. The main objective of this study was to observe the image or effect of Iran's Domestic Satellite Network in foreign tourism development, which the researcher uses descriptive statistics, such as frequency indicators, chart percent average, standard deviation, inferential statistics as one-grouped T-test,  dependent-grouped T-test  to analyze the data. Ultimately, the study shows the impact of Iran's Domestic Satellite Network in development of foreign tourism was not satisfactory.


Tourism, TV Networks, Domestic Satellite, Foreign Tourism.

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