The significance of life and the effective factors in prevention of crimes

Abdolreza Mazraeh


One of the most fundamental questions that have more influence on human attitude and behavior is what meaning of life is and how to live. The wrong definition of factors has indirect and direct influence on deviating human and committing a crime. According to the holy Quran’s teachings: the significance of life is the primary prevention of committing a crime and deviation that are the most important Islamic politics. The final aim of the politics is teaching and training of human in order to promote him with the trained willing that can avoid committing crimes. In this view, the faith in existing the invisible things, supervision  of god, and to send prophets by god  is as a result of believing in  his prudence. Existing another world for reaching to the results of human action and as well as believing in the objective creation, give the significance to humans’ life and prevent him from deviations.


Quran, criminal, prevent from crime, the significance, existence.

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