The study of organizational development and the role of knowledge management in improving it

Mahboobeh Farzad, Mohammad Ghasemi, Halimeh Ganji, Najmeh Azizi, Majid Irandoost, Ali Mir, Mahdi Arab


The purpose of this research is to study the impact of the dimensions of knowledge management on organization development of Regional Electricity Company of Zahedan City, its population includes all the employees of the company, they are 181 people and using Morgan table, we have selected 125 of them as our sample that of 118 questionnaires were returned. For data collection, we used library studies and questionnaire. Professors and experts of the related field have confirmed the validity of questionnaire of knowledge management and standard questionnaire of Paul Jared and by Cronbach's alpha test, we confirmed their reliability. Their alpha was more than standard rate and the questionnaires have reliability. Through descriptive and inferential tests (Pearson, regression and one-sample t-test) we analyzed data, in order to do that, we used SPSS software. Findings indicate all the dimensions of knowledge management (culture, services and documentation) have significant impact on organization development. In order to improve the concept of development at Regional Electricity Company, it is better to pay serious attention to the component of openness and transparency of the system as well as other components such as trust in each other, feedback from inside and outside, employee engagement with each other, encouraging and empowering staff and thin layer of organizational structure.


knowledge management, culture of knowledge management, services of knowledge management, documentation, organization development.

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