International marketing strategies in industrial clusters (A case study: Tehran’s industrial estates)

Seyyed Hussein Tahari, Abdolkarim Gayem


In the present study it has been tried to survey the international marketing strategies in Tehran’s industrial estates along with its effective factors and variables. To accept or reject the study hypotheses a questionnaire with 59 questions was administered based on Likert spectrum with a Cronbach Alpha of greater than 75% and the reliability among 400 samples from a population of 9690 people selected based on Cochran formulae and to analyze the data obtained from the questionnaire the SPSS and EXCEL software were taken advantage of. Also, by making use of the descriptive statistic it was dealt with the characterization of the demographic specifications of the study population. Inferential statistics were of help in accepting or rejecting the study hypotheses along with the aid of one-sample t-test and Freidman test was also used for study variables prioritization and it was evaluated whether there is a difference between the individuals’ notions and ideas in each of the variables according to the demographic characteristics. Generally, the results obtained in the present study indicate that common locality companies increase their competition through participatory marketing activities, the newly emergent economical entities are more likely to make use of the interpersonal networks for accelerating the market development, the individual clustering companies which are encouraged to increase their cash are more likely to make use of the management innovative plans.


marketing strategies, international marketing strategies, industrial cluster, Tehran’s industrial estate.

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