A Comparative Study of Low and Duties Inauguration of Letter Credit and banks in Iran and International Law

Ozra Kazemi, Ali Mohammad Mokarrami


In most civil and commercial contracts, the promise to ensure fulfillment of the obligations of the Parties to apply the collateral or guarantor, Guarantees the incidental and ancillary to the principal obligation. In addition to mortgage or guarantee contract, types of credit and bank guarantees that have been the norm for international trade Also as guarantee obligations or domestic law enforcement, they used these have been accepted and used in domestic and foreign trade. The case of mortgages and guarantee Iran's rights and the rules of civil law and commercial law and some of the differences that are sometimes difficult to make. The differences between the rules of international trade and domestic law are the same. Today, by letters of credit, goods and services and guarantee the rights and privileges are. Perhaps the best and best wishes of the parties that the seller or owner of the rights, privileges, or services in exchange for goods or services as long as they did not receive their salaries. Or receive not guarantee it will still be dominant on their property and the buyer before the payment is done, Purchased goods could be sold or traded the rights to exploit the benefits and services. In this article, we tried according to the law and the foundations for the comparative to study the existing problems of credit and bank users inauguration rights and obligations in international law in Iran.


Letter of Credit, International Business, Letter of Credit guarantee, Letter of guarantee, International law.

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