Using multi-criteria decision-making methods in supply chain management for selecting the appropriate criteria in the evaluation of suppliers of raw materials

Hamed Shakerian, Hasan Dehghan Dehnavi, Alireza Naser Sadrabadi


Effective supplier selection and evaluation are important responsibility that should always be considered by commercial section managers. Suppliers should be selected appropriately because they can create more positive or harmful Effects in the overall performance of a organization. Thus proper management of supply chain is important to evaluate and select material suppliers. In this regard, supplier selection and evaluation and selection are a serious and important topic. Thus in this research, primarily through library studies, including Latin and Persian texts and also review of various articles in the field , 27  important criteria  were identified for selecting suppliers and then by questionnaire and  Delphi method ,it was distributed among 30  managers of ceramic and tile  industry in Yazd  and then 20 criteria were confirmed by data analysis using statistical tests  that these indicators   were classified as acceptable convergence and formed as Demantel questionnaire and distributed to15 managers of  ceramic and tile industry. After that information converted to fuzzy and then CFCS algorithm was codified using MATLAB 2012 software and the relationship between indicators and the level of effect and affected by criteria for selecting providers was investigated using Demantel fuzzy method. finally  The results show that the indicator of logistics planning and management has more effect , the indicator of reducing resistance to change the amount of  order  has less effect and more affected  and the indicator of  mutual trust and communication between buyer and seller has less affected.


Fuzzy Demantel, development of supplier selection criteria, effective suppliers selection and evaluation, supply chain.

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