Implementation of Personal Name Authority Records in Resources Description and Access (RDA): An experimental Study for Biography Databases

Yaser Mohammad Al Sawy, Lamyaa Al Doaiji, Walaa Hemdan



Databases are some of the fundamental components of human knowledge. Biography databases which are based on inventory data of persons, entities, and institutions are extremely important to human knowledge.

The development and establishment of biography databases have seen many changes in the form of bibliographic records building for the data elements of any persons and institutions, The main goal of these changes was to display the different sorts of data in a standardized and unified ways for community audience.[1]

The research team has noticed, however, a lack of scientific basis for the construction of record elements of bibliographic adopted integrated automated library management systems. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to conduct to unique study by applying an unprecedented treatment of Biographical data according to the new rules for the Personal Name Authority Record Elements.[2]

The current study is unique as it uses global scientific rules to build a database of persons and institutions elements which are connected to rules of (Resources Description and Access-RDA).[3] These rules have been adopted by the Library of Congress since April 2013. They are the basis of indexing elements of (Machine Readable Cataloging) (MARC). They were adopted under (Personal Name Authority Record Elements) as follows:[4]

-          The Special Coded Dates: The field code (046) that related to display all birth and death dates for persons, the foundation for the corporate.

-          The Other Attributes for the Person or any related Corporate, the field code (368) that includes designations of the title of a person or any specific characteristic data for the corporate.

-          The Associated place, the field code (370) that related with person's town, city, and villages.

-          Address, The field code (371) regarding the specific address for either person or corporate.

-          Field of Activity, the field code (372) for the activity of the person or corporate specialization.

-          Associated Group, the field code (373) that related to corporate, association, association, etc.

-          Occupation, the field code (374) related with to the person's nature of job.

-          Gender, the field code (375) related to gender kind for each person.

-          Family information, the field code (376) for a specific data according the family.

-          Associate Language, The field code (377) that describes the language or languages that a person is using.

-          Fuller Form of Person Name, the field code (378) that is used for the fuller person name to differentiate for the similar authority entries.

-          Form of Work, The field code (380) related to the nature of the person’s work.

-          Other Distinguishing Characteristics, the field code (381) related to any other special information for the work.

-          Medium of Performance, the field code (382) that describe the person’s musical work.

-          Numeric Designation of Musical Work, the field code (383) for specific data for the musical numeric.

-          Key, the field code (384) for the set of pitch.




Resources Description and Access (RDA); Personal Name Authority Records; Biography Databases; Authority Names; See from tracing fields: Electronic Location and Access.

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