Possible Criteria for Evaluating Students' Translation Errors

Ramadan Ahmed Elmgrab


Although different criteria have been proposed in applied translation literature in order to eliminate the subjectivity of the evaluator, these attempts remain tentative and, consequently, evaluation is still an area of controversy. A sound evaluation should go beyond intuition to achieve objectivity and accuracy. In translation practice, however, the operation inevitably involves the making of personal judgments and cannot be a pure mechanical process. Most translation instructors would, however, opt for a quality assessment as translation involves a transfer of meaning which can be affected by the quality of the error rather than its quantity. Yet, a high distribution of an error can always alarm instructors and arouse their suspicion, especially when it is widespread among various students. The criteria for evaluating translation students' errors will contribute to the construction of systematic assessment processes. Instructors are required to seek a basis for informed judgment built upon both theoretical consideration and experimental criteria. In this respect, this paper attempts to discuss the main criteria of translation quality assessment to see how far they serve this purpose.


criteria, translation, corpus, evaluation, students, errors.

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