L’importance des techniques de communication et des langues dans le monde du travail

Refka Daoud


Knowing how to communicate is a quality that every executive should master. Indeed, the use of this talent is very frequent for those who most assume a minimum of responsibilities. Whether in writing or orally, communication is the basis of any relationship. Therefore, good communication is essential.

In this article, we are interested in the place of communication techniques in the word of work. To do this, we are going to insist on the importance of languages which are inseparably linked to work situations because without communication it is impossible to make a collective work, to accomplish the necessary organizational tasks and to create and maintain a social link. Each community of practice thus has a use of a specific language and each new person joining this group will have to learn to handle the various codes in force. 


Communication techniques, specialty languages, communication tools, Professional situation, communicating citizen.

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