Language, Communication and Education for Africa’s Transformation

Joseph Akanbi ADEWUYI, Lydia Aduke ADEWUYI, Roseline Adebimpe ADEWUYI


For over five century, Africa has been a continent of horror. Intra tribal wars were followed by the nasty colonial exploitation. The advent of Independence which ought to be a prelude to better transformation ushered in despotic military and civilian leaders who have no love for their countries. A chaotic society cannot thrive economically and politically. A war turn zone cannot experience development. Undoubtedly, no society is totally free of crises. From the naïve hamlets to the most complex city of Africa, there have always been records of incessant conflict needing urgent intervention. The memories of Ebola virus are still causing nightmare in many West African countries. The massacre perpetrated by terrorist organizations like Maitacine, Boko Haram and Al Shabab have become source trauma to many powerful Nations of our the black continent. The terrorist attack of 14 November 2015 in Abuja that claimed over hundred lives is fresh in our memory. The most heartless are moved with pity when they watch the horrifying experience of Migrants. This paper therefore sees language use, communication and education as powerful weapons in conflict resolution and transformation. While the communication received can guide or mislead an individual, proper education can perpetually lead him out of poverty. In other words, this paper looks at the manner communication and education can be used as a mean of fostering peace at all levels of human engagements, with special reference to the mass media.


Language Communication Education Transformation Africa.

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