Les Logiques Sociales Du Maintien Des Femmes Rurales De Niangon Lokoa Dans Le Commerce De L’Attieke (Cote D’Ivoire)

Oleh KAM, Kouassi Kouman Vincent MOUROUFIE, Akpéhi Sandrine Dite Isaora AKPA


The general objective of the article is to study the social logics which explain the maintenance of the women of Niangon Lokoa in the trade of attiéké.

The working method consists of merging documentary research, survey and direct observation in the village of Niangon Lokoa. The surveys consisted of interviews with various actors (producers of the attiéké, the president of the women, the president of the young people, the customary, administrative and political authorities of the village). To do this, the culturalist approach was mobilized in this study to analyze the data collected.

The results obtained are of three kinds: the socio-demographic characteristics, the perceptions that the women producers make of their activity, and the impact of this activity on the living conditions of women. Indeed, the study reveals that 2/3 respondents have the age between 30 to 50 years or 72.22%. It also reveals that 69% of the producers surveyed are married and the majority illiterate (62%). In addition, women perceive the sale of attiéké as social, cultural and economic capital because the attiéké trade contributes to their autonomy and social well-being.


Social logic, maintenance of women, attiéké, Côte d’Ivoire.

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