Is Ngugi Wa Thiongo a Marxist Stone-throwing Ruffian? A Look at Petals of Blood and Devil on the Cross

Victor N. Gomia


This paper seeks to show that Ngugi Wa Thiongo is committed to the struggle against Neo-colonialism and imperialism in Devil on the Cross and Petals of Blood. It attempts to answer the question whether his commitment is that of an enthusiastic anti-establishment figure or that of a Moses in an attempt to lead his people out of bondage. We look at the selected texts as invitations for the emerging working class languishing under the weight of misery to act. We go further to argue that Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s crusade against the exploitation of Africa and Africans is more suggestive of a prophet than that of a lazy and reckless proletariat prone to arson as suggested by some Eurocentric critics. 

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