Social and Political Factors in Actualizing New Anti-Corruption Movement Through Online Community in Indonesia

Ponco Budi Sulistyo


This research aimed to analyze the social and political factors that can realize the anti-corruption movement that utilized new media platform, in this case social media Facebook in Indonesia. This research conducted in-depth interviews with 15 active members including the administrators and five experts. The research found that factors that had realized the anti-corruption movement through online communities on social media Facebook was the emergence of social collective awareness, political system of Indonesia which tend to open, and in terms of culture, the Indonesian people are generally easier to establish a relationship of friendship, the increasing of economic caused people to be able to buy a need to communicate and socialize, political literacy which tend to increase and the psychological condition of Indonesian society in general that have long been disappointed with their leaders who committed with act of corruption and indecisive in dealing with corruption cases.


social movement, online community, social media.

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