Psychological and Academic Problems Encountering Female Talented Participants at Saudi Universities: Northern Border University as a Case Study

Hanan Mubarak Al Qahtani, Subheyya Abu Hatab


The objective of this study is to investigate the psychological and academic issues encountered by female talented students at Computer Sciences and Community College at NBU- Rafha' Branch. This is an attempt to suggest suitable solutions to the psychological problems (i.e., alienation, superficiality, fluctuations in morale and academic ones (i.e., boredom and insufficient educational resources). The population of the study consists of (60) students whereas the instrument is a questionnaire. The results of the study indicate that alienation, superficiality, fluctuations in morale (low vs. high) show high effect on students’ performances; however, boredom, insufficient educational resources meet the students’ needs. The study concludes that there are lack of workshops, field trips, high ambition and low productivity among the students due to the persisting problems. 


psychological, academic, talented, alienation, fluctuations, boredom.

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