Mantaining Friendship in Dating and in Marriages

Fordson Vincent Chimoga


This article attempts to encourage young men and women that are experiencing dating problems and couples who are already married to put into practice the suggestions laid down therein on how they can maintain friendship.  Issues that are discussed range from how friendship begins and how it can be maintained whether in dating and marriage.  Friendship has been identified as beginning by attraction.  Friendship is defined since it is the main ingredient of the article.  Then it borrows the guidelines Adam and Eve the first couple of the Bible on how they maintained friendship throughout their marriage.  It also outlines number of reasons; daters should begin with friendship before actual dating is experienced.  From here the characteristics of true friend is analyzed.  Thereafter types of friends are distinguished. Finally friendship in actual marriage is dealt with.  In conclusion friendship is important in both dating and married life otherwise dating will not lead to marriage and marriage will not make marriage successful.


Friendship, Dating, Marriage.  

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