Evaluating The Significance Of Translation In The West African Sub-Region

Onuko Theodora


Translation over the ages has proved to be an effective tool to break cultural and linguistic barriers between different countries of the world. The diversity of peoples with multiplicity of languages inhabiting the West African sub region is among those known as under developed. They are bedeviled by poverty, famine, diseases, ethnic and religious violence. Some of these problems are generated as a result of illiteracy, fears and suspicions of the smaller groups that they will be dominated and exploited by the stronger groups. This paper advocates translation as a means of transmitting information to the grass roots and the rural population to promote peace and mutual understanding within the individual countries and within the region. The different peoples living in this part of the world need to co-operate and integrate with themselves on a common front for effective resolution of these socio-cultural problems that hinder development. What one country cannot achieve alone can be realized when countries like these get together to confront their problems.


Evaluating ,significance, translation,West Africa

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