A Study of Epic Theatre in Caryl Churchill’s Cloud Nine

Ece Şıklar


Bertolt Brecht introduced a new type of theatre called epic theatre in 20th century. He challenged the classical drama conception to epic theatre by including some elements in his play as Historicization, Alienation, Gestus and the Fourth wall. Brecht rejects traditional plot, setting, and characterization in order to confuse the audiences and make them see the world better. By this way he aimed to direct his audiences to critical thinking. Caryl Churchill is one of the most important writers known as a socialist feminist playwright uses Brecht’s epic theatre features in her play Cloud Nine since she can easily take the attention of the audiences and let them think objectively to the global problems of the world like racism, sexing discrimination. Churchill, like Bertolt Brecht, breaks down the conventions of realistic drama since it serves the purposes of capitalist ideology and patriarchy. The objective of this study is to introduce the elements of Bertolt Brecht’s epic theatre and analyze how Caryl Churchill used these epic elements in her play Cloud Nine to terminate sex discrimination and racism. Moreover, she aimed to create tolerance on the ‘other’in the society.


Brechtian technique, patriarchal society, fixed gender roles, social change

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