Transformational Model of Textual Activity: An Approach Based on Critical Realism and Critical Discourse Analysis

Solange Barros


In this article, I present the Transformational Model of Textual Activity (TMTA). It has been anchored in Bhaskar´s critical realism. It is divided in four parts. Firstly, I outline elements of critical realism philosophy, discussing in particular the necessity of considering the ontology in the social sciences.  Secondly, I present the methodological approach of critical discourse analysis and its relevance to critical social research. Thirdly, I illustrate a Transformational Model of Textual Activity, analyzing a text. And finally, I consider this approach to language to teacher education and social emancipation.


Transformational Model of Social Activity; Critical Realism; Critical Discourse Analysis; Transformational Model of Textual Activity.

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