Comparative study of children poetry stylistics garlic The base of Iraj Mirza lyrics, and Afsaneh Shabannejad

Sara Toranj, Ali Dehghan, Hamid Reza Farzi


Stylistics of children poetry, according to the sensitivity of the issue, requires a lot of investigation, and must be addressed with great patience. The appearance of the first spark children's poetry, which is almost in that era, and was struck by poets such as Bahar and Iraj Mirza workers, the development and perfection of our times by famous poets such as Afsaneh Shabannejad, Shikuh Qasemnia, Asadollah  Shaebania, Naser Kashavarz and…is, naturally, many stylistic changes, in this particular type of poetry has been created. In this study, it has been tried, according to the poem's historical, stylistic evolution of the language, verbal, intellectual and literary review. Poets of our choice in this investigation, Iraj Mirza, and Afsaneh Shabannejad are. Children poetry  from the beginning to the present, from a purely didactic outside and to the joy and delight children, has been given more importance. Dry and fractured grim past poetry, poems weight more rhythmic and more attractive, and the use of colloquial speech and slang in the lyrics of our time, compared to the prior period multiplied. During the period under discussion, the highest frequency of simile and diagnostic imagery.


stylistics, Iraj Mirza and Shabannejad.

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