A Study of the Characteristics of Nakhjovani’s Description of Golshan-i Raz

Farzaneh Sorkhi, Ali Dehghan, Roustam Amani


Shabestari’s Golshen-i Raz is one of the well-known literary works which have been frequently described and clarified many times. The very fact that this remarkable work has attracted numerous researchers’ attention attests to the significance and popularity of this work. Nematollah Nakhjovani’s description of Golshan-i Raz is one of the clarifications which has been written for this collection of poems. He was a Sufi and Hanafi interpreter who is famous for his description of Shabestari’s complicated and mysterious thoughts and the explanation of different aspects of Islamic mysticism. Two versions of the above-mentioned descriptive manuscript have been found. In this study, the researchers focused on discussing these two manuscripts. In this paper, after introducing Nakhjovani and mentioning his literary works, we discuss the distinctive features and characteristics of his descriptive manuscript of Golshan-i Raz which has made it a significant description. 


manuscript, Golshan-i Raz, Nakhjovani, manuscript features.

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