A Review on Nostalgia for the Homeland and Birthplace in the "In the Indus Waves" Poem (Charpareh) of Doctor Hamidi Shirazi

Gholamreza Hayati, Ali Dehghan, Ahmad Hosseini Kazrerouni


In the literary studies, nostalgia is a manner of writing that is said to be based on which a poet or a writer in his writings and poems, considers the past or the land whose memory is in his heart, and depicts it with alas and pain and in his handwritings; the yearning, nostalgia, melancholia, homesickness, the homeland atmosphere, the pain of separation are the indications of nostalgia. Nostalgia for the homeland and birthplace has various components that in the romantic and nostalgic poems of Doctor Mehdi Hamidi Shirazi (1365-1293 Solar) have noticeable examples. In this article, after a brief review of the kinds of nostalgia with the past oriented approach in Hamidi’s poetry, among whose homeland nostalgia poetry, his famous poem (Charpareh) "In the Indus Waves ", whose nostalgic aspects are examined with an approach of the homeland and yearning for the past. 


nostalgia, yearning, Hamidi Shirazi, the homeland, Persepolis.

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