Fantasy and Reality as Reflection of Tita's Suppression in Like Water for Chocolate

Hanan Abbas Hussein


This paper centers on a tale of a female suppression due to cultural and familial pressure throughout the stereotypical women’s sphere of fantasy and reality. It presents the youngest daughter of the De la Garza family whose family tradition destines her to remain at home, unmarried, and in charge of the life-long care of her tyrannical mother. Tita marks her real world in the images of food to reflect her inner conflicts which she cannot reveal in reality. She tries to create a landscape that mingles the dreams with reality. Along the novel Tita  learns gradually how to get her way towards freedom, and rebel replacing her silence by a new language. Her rebellion destroys not only the family old tradition, but also the whole ranch as well, fulfilling her dream.  


Fantasy, Reality, female suppression, dreams.

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