Analysis of variables performance of human resource development models with mixed research method approach

Vahid Nasehifar, Mohammad Taqi Taqavi Fard, Saeid Askari Masouleh


In developing a research design using mixed methods, researchers must consider the integration of the results of both types of qualitative and quantitative research. This study was conducted with a qualitative approach using grounded theory and elite statistical population in human resource development in public organizations were examined in the context of Islamic-Iranian model of progress. 132 open codes of interview forms, axial and selective codes were categorized and listed. In order to increase the reliability and validity of the results of the approaches that have been suggested by Guba and Lincoln were used. In the quantitative aspect the components by the questionnaires was provided for second population and a variety of statistical analysis was performed.  According to statistics of t-test and its comparison with the critical value of all axial codes and selective codes were approved. In order to determine the rankings of the code selective codes was determined using the Friedman test that the priority and importance of these codes is equal and these thirteen codes can’t be rated. 


variables performance, human resource development, mixed research method.

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