Political developments in the Ardabil in the period of local governments (From the third century to the fifth century AH)

Fatemeh Jafarniya


Since the first half of the third century and beginning the recession of Abbasid Caliphate and the political weakness of the central government, different regions began to defect from their caliphate. The government from centralized system became decentralized system and independent and semi-independent governments were created around it. According to this, a number of governments were established in the state of Azarbaijan that the extent of the influence and power of some of them was spread to Ardabil. Sajids, Al-Mosafer (passenger) and Ravvadian were among local governments in the Azarbaijan area. According to historical sources the author attempts to explain political developments in Ardabil as one of the areas of Azarbaijan in the period of local governments. The result indicates that given the formation of multiple local governments in the third to fifth centuries, the scope of their influence was spread to Ardabil. Therefore, Ardabil and other cities at some point in the history of local governments, has been witnessed some events.


Ardabil, Azarbaijan, Sajids, Al-e Mosafer (passengers), Ravvadian.

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