The effect of emotional schema therapy on reduction of depression in high school students

Leila Kolyaie, Rahim Badri, Mansoureh Bahrami, Seyed Adnan Hosseini


Depression among students is a serious disorder which affects their educational performance and psychological well-being  noticeably .The emotional schema therapy is a cognitive-behavioral therapy  that helps the person recognize ,name and modify his/her various emotions and by moderating the way he/she interprets ,judges and manages his/her emotions ,he/she takes advantage to achieve  his/her goals and to experience more fruitful life and social relations . So The aim of this research was to determine the efficacy of emotional scheme threpy on reduction of depression on Tabriz high school female students in Iran (Academic year of 2014-15). The research method was semi- empirical with a two-category plan with pre-test and post test .From among high school girls who due to depression refered to the counseling center of Education and Training administration of east Azerbaijan province in the academic year 2014-15, 38 people were chosen as a sample group were randomly put into two 19-person groups of " empirical " and "control". Beck`s depression questionnaire was completed by the examinees before and after intervention. The " empirical " group was given Leahy`s emotional schema therapy in 9  90-minute sessions on a weekly basis And the "control" group wasn`t given any treatment. The results were analyzed by the use of covariance analysis. According to the findings the emotional schema therapy led in a significant decrease in the level of students` depression. In conclusion, this research confirmed the efficacy of the emotional schema therapy on students` depression.   


depression, emotional schema therapy, students.

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