Relational dynamics in same-sex couples with Intimate Partner Violence: coming out as a protective factor

Alessandra Salerno, Maria Garro


The aim of this article is to participate in the debate on the phenomenon of violence in intimate relationships; a path of dominance and control, often accompanied by abusive behaviour and power. In particular, we would like to refer to violence in same-sex relationships, where this important role can be detected both from the relational asymmetry of the partner and also from the threat of a possible outing. It is a widespread phenomenon, yet not sufficiently taken into account, due to the invisibility in which homosexuals live. The inability to come out, is often hampered by sexual prejudices present in many societies – a situation that creates conditions for a lack of a social support network.


This leads to the tendency of the parties concerned to fail to occupy defined positions in the identification of the dynamics of inner conflict, as well as to highlight aspects of the couple relationship by minimising the danger of the aggressive behaviour of the male/female partner.

Official data relating to the issue in Italy underlines the need to combat the phenomenon effectively by integrating interventions with timely and coordinated actions in the social, educational, informational and political environment in relation to sexual discrimination


Homosexual, intimate violence, same-sex couples, Italy.

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