«German Mark» In The History Of Russian Literature: The Role Of Russian Germans In Social And Cultural Life Of Russia

Danilova J.J. J., Salimova D. A., Ivygina A .A.


 The paper presents an original vision of the question about the importance of the contribution of famous personalities in the development of Russia, in particular - in the development of its cultural (literary) heritage of XVIII-XX centuries. The article is a brief but verified and chronologically sequential excursus to the history of such famous names in Russian (of some - in the world) literature, as D. I. Fonvizin, A. S. Pushkin, A. I. Herzen, A. A. Fet, L. N. Tolstoy, A. A. Block, Z. N. Gippius, Ye. A. Yevtushenko, etc.: a reminder of interesting facts of the descent of writers. Topicality is no longer a matter of speculation: issues of culture, language, history, interethnic and intercultural contacts have always been topical, especially in XXI century, when many truths about friendship, about relationship between the peoples, about tolerance, etc., are questioned. Note also that we (for various reasons) have recently appealed to the problem of self-presentation and self-identification of the Russian Germans in migration through multi-aspect analysis of ethnolinguistic culture and so relevant for us is the question of the actual material of its investigation. While working with data abstracted from the known Russian encyclopedia “Russian Germans” published in 3 volumes in 1999, 2004 and 2006 [1, 2, 3], as well as historiographical materials, used the methods of continuous sampling and systematization, as well as analytical, descriptive methods of scientific research were applied. In the course of the study and description of the results obtained, the authors conclude: Russian literature was able to absorb, embody the best being carried by the representatives of other nations, among which a special place was occupied by ethnic Germans who took Russian language and Russian culture as native.



Russian Germans, Russian literature, Russian writers, biography, ancestry, ethnicity, migration, history of Russia

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