A Framework for Future Oriented Culture in Complex Systems‬‬

Ali Mobini-Dehkordi, Hassan Bashiri, Amir Nazemi


Most view to culture has shaped based on historical definition of culture where behavior of people in society from different perspectives is defined as a culture. In this view culture is a pre-constructed product. In forward thinking, culture could be considered as a future oriented conceptual product where different methods of futures studies and cultural studies should be applied to develop effective culture.

Although engineering known mostly as a discipline for developing deterministic product, it has some aspects which will be more helpful for uncertainties and complex products such as culture. Given that the engineering products are available for people and are continuously evaluated, in terms of methods, principles and overcoming complex problems, they have developed appropriately. Achievements in this field can be used to overcome the problems of other studies especially for emerging researches. This research has been formed in response to the question how much conventional methods of futures studies are suitable for complex systems and complex products such as culture.

‪Complex systems as a new field are explored by many scientific disciplines. Important features such as large and emergent events are the most prominent reasons that have made culture studies researchers interested in the analysis of complex systems. In this study, the path to achieve an appropriate model for future oriented projects has been drawn in the context of complex systems.

‪First we studied complex systems in point of view of culture and we extracted some characteristics of complex systems and engineering. Knowledge gained from research and the study of resources to achieve the model was processed through online questionnaire among specialists. Finally, based on knowledge obtained, a model relying on engineering principles such as rule 80-20, iterative steps in complex systems to achieve maximum information from systems, computational modeling and simulation is presented. This model can be used by cultural studies researchers where culture is seeing as future oriented products developed in complex platform.


Cultural Studies, Complex Systems, Futures Studies, Development Process‬, Framework.

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