Lean Production and Market Orientation: Evidence from Ardabil Province Industrial Companies

Mehdi Fathollahzadeh, Mohammad Feizi


The purpose of this paper is investigation the effect of lean production (just in time practices, total quality management, human resource management relationships with suppliers, customer relations, transmission of human intelligence, employee participation, standardization of processes, and comprehensive repairs management) on market orientation at Industrial companies in Ardabil Province. Statistical population was managers of Industrial companies in Ardabil Province. Through Cochran statistical sample include 140 people, which are selected by random sampling method. Data collection is done through field method by means of questionnaire. For data collection by questionnaires which include 27 inquiries. In order to analyze the information obtained from the questionnaires collected data were analyzed using SPSS. For data analysis, descriptive statistics (measures of central tendency and dispersion) and inferential statistics in Pearson correlation coefficients and regression were used. Findings show that there is significantly positive relationship between lean production and market orientation at industrial companies in Ardabil province.


Market orientation, lean production, Lean.

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