Teaching an Invisible in Translation: On the Effect of Genre in Translation of Political News

Nahid Yar Ahmad Zehi, Sajjad Farokhipour, Jasem Mohammadi


Despite the fact that a bulk of research has been done in the field of translation studies and news reporting, the effect of precision and authenticity of translation on reframing the message, constructing meaning, political stance, institutional practice and the way through which we control our audience is little investigated. The current research, therefore, was an attempt to bring to light the extent to which Iranian news translators are familiar with genre features of source language texts. For that reason, a bulk of 50 political news stories translated by Iranian news translators in different news agencies were analyzed through genre analysis tools and frameworks. Also, 20 different news translators were selected non-randomly based on purpose sampling procedures to enquire into the extent of Iranian news translators’ familiarity with genre and its textual features using a diagnostic tool. The results showed that Iranian news translators are not familiar with steps and moves that realize news report genre and therefore, fail to preserve genre characteristics of source language in Persian translation which brings about an inadequate translation. Finally, to redress this deficiency, the research put forward some suggestions for teaching genre-related issues in translation courses such as TSPs (translation for specific purpose), genre-based tasks and strategic resources The results of the study have implications for Iranian English teachers and students, journalists, news agencies and politicians.


Genre Analysis, News Reports, Political News, Teaching Translation.

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