The Importance of One’s Speech Recognition in Electronic Services

Azamolsadat Parei, Hojjatollah Hamidi


Regarding the development obtained in speech recognition and processing sciences, this application can be used in electronic services. One of the fields within which biometrics are applied is to use one’s speech that has been noted more during last decade. The finger print, eye and speech are biometrics with usual applications amongst others. Regarding the fact that the speech can be used remotely, it is possible to use it in remote electronic services, too. Hence, it is considered as an efficient method in different telephone applications in particular electronic banking systems. Therefore, it may be used for credit authentication when fulfilling banking transactions, checking the account balance and etc. through cellphone. However, using speech recognition and speaker authentication have faced several challenges including sound emulation by forgers, recorded sounds, sensitivity to various noises and need to large amount of data for test. This research aims at the importance of speech recognition to be used in mobile and electronic banking.


electronic service, speech recognition, mobile banking, non-speaker data, speaker authentication.

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