Khatamyyat (the seal of the prophecy) according to Allameh Tabatabaee’s viewpoint based on Al-Mizan Interpretation

Abbas Asad Abadi


This paper tries to clarify the Khatamyyat issue from Allameh Tabatabaee’s viewpoint based on Al-Mizan Interpretation. This outstanding interpreter has investigated this issue from two different angles: first one investigating the issue from the reasoning of the verses and the second, answering to the dubiousness trying to nullify the Khatamyyat. According to Allameh, the first verse of Forqan, the 19th verse of Al-Ana’m and the 28the verse of Saba and the 40th verse of Al-Ahzab explicitly confirm the Khatamyyat and dubiousness and suspicious about the other verses for nullifying the Khatamyyat are rejected and unacceptable. 



Allameh Tabatabaee, prophecy, Khatamyyat (the seal of the prophecy), message, dubiousness, answer.

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