Strategic management and development of university-based entrepreneurship models to promote the University of entrepreneurial organizations

Farhad Pardakhteh, Fatemeh Mohammadi


The aim of this study was to design strategic Brmdyryt development model to improve the university-based entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurial organization. The methodology of this research is descriptive - analytic. This study identified factors and variables entrepreneurship and seeks to form an analytical model that explains the relationship between these variables, and results have shown The development of entrepreneurship through the development of strategic management plans, designing strategic vision in the field of corporate entrepreneurship phenomenon is significant; In addition, the organization entrepreneurship development program (University) landscape planning based on sustainable development model of the country have a direct effect on academic entrepreneurship through the development of effective entrepreneurial management organizations. The findings indicate that the use of strategic management at the University of evolution, the university in terms of performance, using indicators developed strategic plan Corporate entrepreneurship development model based on strategic management, change the organization and promotion of entrepreneurial university model is an effective and pragmatic. 


entrepreneurship, structural model. Evolution of strategic management, entrepreneurship, academic, entrepreneurial organization

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