Human Cloning: An African Perspective

Aborisade Olasunkanmi


Since the cloning of human beings has become technically conceivable, a controversial ethical debate on the desirability and admissibility of human cloning has evolved. The cloning technologist scientist spells out advantages that could be derived from human cloning, many of which were highly welcome by the advanced countries of the world, while some still subject it to serious debate on the acceptability of such scientific experiment in their society. But African view is radically different. African culture and belief about the human being is totally against human experimentation and therefore questions were raised on possibility of the success of this accomplishment, most especially on the status of children in an African setting. The paper concludes that Africans should stop living in the shadow of their past and cope with the new global advances. 


Africa, Cloning, Ethical, Experiment, Scientific, Technology

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